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Warning against impersonation and solicitation on LinkedIn and other communication tools
Venturelabo Investment has confirmed the fact that a third party has registered on LinkedIn (*1) by impersonating our representative director.
We have recently requested LinkedIn to delete the page on which a third party has registered pretending to be our representative director, and have completed the deletion.
Venturelabo Investment does not use LinkedIn or other communication tools to conduct business negotiations.
We would like to ask our customers and related parties to be very careful when referring to the registration page on LinkedIn or other communication tools that impersonates our representative director, as there is a risk of obtaining incorrect information, being offered false business negotiations, etc., or misusing the information provided by the customer on the page.

1 "LinkedIn": A social networking service that allows users to make job offers, conduct business negotiations, and make contact with experts in the service, focusing on their work history and resume information.


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