• Cross-regional business matching

Cross-reginal business matching

Technology networks will help you to expand business across regions.

Strength of Venture Labo's cross regional business matching

Venture Labo will provide you very unique cross-regional business matching opportunities by utilizing its diversified technology connoisseurs and
its business networks with regional financial institutions and trading companies.

The flow of cross-reginal business matching

事前準備・訪問 → マッチング戦略検討会議 → 広域マッチング → 面談
    • VL experts will obtain
      company information.
    • VL experts will visit your
    • VL experts will write
      technology evaluation reports.
    • VL experts will share your
      need with team members.
    • VL expert will identify proper
      sales channels.
    • VL experts will approach
      proper sales channels.
    • VL experts will provide
      support through technology basis sales activities.
    • VL experts will arrange meetings with companies
      which are interested in
      your products and services.
    • VL experts will attend those
      meetings together with you.

The structure of cross-regional business matching

Venture Labo will collaborate with technology experts on a nationwide basis to make cross-regional business matching successful.
Image of collaborations with regional financial institutions is described below:

Supporting companies